After you install the VMware Remote Console plug-in, you can create a desktop shortcut to start VMware Remote Console and connect to the virtual machine.


When you use Internet Explorer, you must restart the Web browser after you install VMware Remote Console and before you create the VMware Remote Console desktop shortcut. If you do not restart Internet Explorer, you receive a JavaScript error and the shortcut is not created.

You must install the VMware Remote Console plug-in for your browser.


In the Inventory panel, select the virtual machine from which to generate a desktop shortcut.


In the Commands section of the Summary tab, click Generate Virtual Machine Shortcut.


In the Desktop Shortcut section, click Install Desktop Shortcut to Virtual Machine.


Confirm that you want to create the shortcut when prompted.

The shortcut is created on the desktop.


Click OK.

A shortcut to the virtual machine appears on your desktop.

You can use the desktop shortcut for quick access to the virtual machine.