You can have a virtual machine automatically revert to a snapshot or ask you whether to revert whenever you power off the virtual machine.

Reverting to a snapshot discards all changes. For example, an instructor might discard student answers for a computer lesson when a virtual machine is powered off at the end of class.


In the Commands section of the virtual machine’s Summary tab, click Configure VM.


Click the Snapshot tab.


In the When powering off section, select the snapshot behavior of the virtual machine when you power it off.



Just power off

Powers off without making any changes to the snapshot.

Revert to snapshot

Reverts to the current snapshot, so that the virtual machine always starts in the state it was in when the current snapshot was taken.

Ask me

When you power off a virtual machine, you are prompted to specify whether you want to power off or revert to the current snapshot.


Click OK.

The snapshot power off options are now configured.