To map a virtual SCSI device on a virtual machine to a physical generic SCSI device on the host, add a generic SCSI device to the virtual machine.

You can add a SCSI device without powering off the virtual machine.

You must have the following required permissions:

On Windows guests, you must log in as a user with administrator access.

On Linux guests, you must be logged in as a user who has read and write permissions to use the device.


In the Inventory panel, select the virtual machine to modify.


In the Commands section of the Summary tab, click Add Hardware.

The Add Hardware wizard opens.


Click Passthrough SCSI Device.


Select a SCSI device to use.

A physical SCSI device must be attached to the device and it must be connected to the virtual machine.


(Optional) In the Virtual Device Node section, select a SCSI adapter and device node from the drop-down menus.


Click Next.


In the Ready to Complete page, review the configuration summary and click Finish.

The operating system recognizes the new SCSI device the next time you power on the virtual machine.