Installing software on a guest operating system in vSphere Web Access might cause problems.

Troubleshooting Installing Software on a Guest Operating System




Guest operating system does not recognize installation media

ESX cannot access installation media

Make sure that ESX can access the media used for installing the software. Verify that the virtual machine has access to the CD-ROM drive, ISO image file, or floppy drive, as needed.

ESX stops responding when running applications

Enabled acceleration in the virtual machine causes the application to slow down. VMware recommends disabling acceleration only for passing the problem of running the program. After you pass the point where the program encountered problems, enable the acceleration option again.


Click the Summary tab of the virtual machine.


In the Commands section, select Configure VM.


In the VM Configuration window, click the Advanced tab and select the Disable acceleration checkbox.

Software Activation Key is invalid

Some applications use a product activation feature that creates a key. The key is based on the virtual hardware in the virtual machine where it is installed. Changes in the configuration of the virtual machine might require you to reactivate the software.

To minimize the number of significant changes in the virtual hardware, set the memory size and install VMware Tools.