You use a Web browser to open vSphere Web Access and to manage virtual machines stored on an ESX host or vCenter Server.


vSphere 4.1 will be the last product release for vSphere Web Access. As a best practice, VMware recommends that you use the vSphere Client, which contains all the functionality of Web Access. Because vSphere Web Access is no longer being developed, support for this product is provided on a best effort basis.

vSphere Web Access is intended for anyone who performs the following aspects of virtual machine management:

System administrators who need to access virtual machines without a vSphere Client.

People who use virtual machines as remote desktops.

vSphere administrators who need to interact with virtual machines remotely.

The vSphere Web Access interface provides an overview of all of the virtual machines on an ESX host and vCenter Server. To manage virtual machines with vSphere Web Access, you can perform the following tasks:

Use a browser to view hosts and virtual machine details.

Perform power operations on virtual machines.

Edit a virtual machine’s configuration and hardware.

Generate VMware Remote Console URLs that users can use to access their virtual machines.

Interact with the guest operating systems that are running on the virtual machines.

Access ESX hosts and vCenter Servers from Linux systems.

vSphere Web Access focuses on virtual machine management and does not offer the full range of administrative tasks available through the vSphere Client.