vSphere Web Access has a set of key features that help you manage virtual machines.

Access ESX hosts and vCenter Servers from Linux and Windows systems.

Access virtual machines on ESX hosts and vCenter Server instances without installing the vSphere client.

Create new virtual machines on ESX hosts.

Configure existing virtual machine settings.

Add virtual machines to the inventory.

Remove virtual machines from the inventory.

Perform power operations (start, stop, reset, suspend, and resume) on virtual machines.

Monitor the operation of datacenters, ESX hosts, and virtual machines.

Interact with the guest operating systems running within virtual machines that use the VMware Remote console.

Generate URL and desktop shortcuts for virtual machines.

Create and manage snapshots of virtual machines.

Perform complete virtual machine snapshot hierarchy management

Provide end users with access to virtual machines.

Use client devices (such as CD/DVD drives) from your own computer to install software or copy data.