You can connect virtual network adapters to a labeled network in much the same way that you connect physical network adapters by cables to wall jacks. By choosing a labeled network for an adapter, you enable the guest operating system to reach the resources of the specified network.


In the Inventory panel, select the virtual machine to modify.


In the Hardware section of the Summary tab, select the network adapter to modify, and click Edit.


Select Connect at power on to connect to this network when the virtual machine is powered on.


In the Network Connection section, select the virtual network to use.


In the MAC Address section, select how to generate the machine's MAC address.



Generated by the host

The host generates the MAC address.


Allows you to manually change the MAC address.


Click OK to save your changes.

Make sure that the guest operating system uses an appropriate IP address on the new network. If the guest is using DHCP, release and renew the IP address. If the IP address is static, verify that the guest has an address on the correct virtual network.