You can modify some of the settings of an existing hard disk on a virtual machine or remove it from your virtual machine. You can also view the file allocation options, but you cannot change them.


In the Inventory panel, select the virtual machine.


Shut down the guest operating system.


In the Hardware section of the Summary tab, click the hard disk to modify and select Edit.


To increase capacity on growable disks, click Increase Capacity and enter a new value for the Increase By or New Capacity option.

If you have a snapshot of the disk, you must delete it to change the disk capacity.


You can only change the capacity of SCSI disks.


In the Virtual Device Node section, select the adapter type and the appropriate device to change the adapter type.


To run the disk in independent mode, click Disk Mode, select Independent, and click the appropriate option.




Disks in persistent mode behave like conventional disks on your physical computer. All data written to a disk in persistent mode is written permanently to the disk.


Changes to disks in nonpersistent mode are discarded when you power off or reset the virtual machine. Nonpersistent mode enables you to restart the virtual machine with a virtual disk in the same state every time. Changes to the disk are written to and read from a redo log file that is deleted when you power off or reset.


To change the write caching policies for the virtual disk, click Policies and select the appropriate option.



Optimize for safety

Saves all changes to the virtual disk before notifying the system.

Optimize for performance

Acknowledges changes to the virtual disk immediately, but saves them at a later time.


Click OK to save your changes.