You can configure a virtual CD/DVD drive to connect to a CD/DVD drive installed on the host system.


In the Hardware section of the Summary tab, select the CD/DVD drive from the drop-down menu and click Edit.


In the CD/DVD Drive window, select Host Media.


Make the appropriate changes in the Device Status section to change the status of the CD/DVD drive.


Select Physical Drive in the Connection section to make changes to the physical drive


Select the optical drive to use from the drop-down menu.


If you are using a physical drive, select Use ATAPI emulation or Access the drive directly.

Use ATAPI emulation if you cannot access the CD/DVD drive. The emulation mode works only with data disks.


In the Connection section, select ISO image, click Browse and locate the .iso file to use an ISO image.


In the Virtual Device Node section, select the adapter type and the appropriate device to change the adapter type.

This option is available only when the virtual machine is powered off.


Click OK.