You can upgrade VMware Tools on multiple virtual machines by using menu items or a command line interface.

If you use a command-line interface to upgrade VMware Tools, verify that you have the command-line options for your operating system handy. Command-line options for Linux are documented in the Linux Installer for Linux Tools. Command-line options for Windows are documented in the MSI for Windows Tools and at the following Wikipedia entry: .


You can also manually upgrade VMware Tools from within the virtual machine’s operating system by opening the VMware Tools Properties dialog box (double-click the icon in the system tray) and clicking Upgrade in the Options tab.


Start the vSphere client and log in to vCenter Server.


Select the Inventory > Hosts and Clusters view.


Select the host or cluster that contains the virtual machines you want to upgrade.


Click the Virtual Machines tab.


Select the virtual machines that you want to upgrade and power them on.


Select an upgrade option.



Use menu items

Right-click the virtual machines to upgrade and select Guest > Install/Upgrade Tools.

Use a command-line interface

Enter the command-line options for your operating system in the Advanced Options field.


Click OK to mount the installer.

You can track the upgrade progress on the Tasks & Events tab.