You can change the power controls, the time VMware Tools scripts run, the upgrade check option, and the time synchronization option with the VMware Tools settings for a virtual machine.

Verify that the virtual machine is powered off.


Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.


Click the Options tab and select VMware Tools.


Select the actions you want from the drop-down menus under Power Controls.

You can accept the system defaults for the toolbar buttons or configure them as follows:

Configure the stop button on the toolbar to power off the virtual machine or shut down the guest operating system.

Configure the pause button on the toolbar to suspend the virtual machine.

Configure the reset button on the toolbar to reset the virtual machine or restart the guest operating system.


(Optional) Configure VMware Tools scripts to run when you change the virtual machine’s power state by selecting options under Run VMware Tools scripts.


For ESX host virtual machines, there are no scripts for resuming and suspending virtual machines.


(Optional) Configure VMware Tools to check for and install updates before each power on by selecting the Check and upgrade Tools before each power on option under Automatic VMware Tools Upgrade.


(Optional) Configure the guest operating system to synchronize time with the host by selecting the Synchronize guest time with host option.


Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.