You configure network settings so that the virtual machine can communicate with other hosts and virtual machines.


Because virtual machines share their physical network hardware with the host, the accidental or malicious bridging of two networks by a virtual machine can occur. Spanning Tree protocol cannot protect against these occurrences.

Although hardware version 7 virtual machines support up to ten virtual NICs, during virtual machine creation you can select only four NICs. You can add more virtual NICs by selecting Edit the virtual machine settings before completion on the Ready to Complete page of the wizard, or by editing the virtual machine after it is created.

Hardware version 4 virtual machines support up to four virtual NICs.


In the Create Network Connections panel of the Network page, select the number of NICs to connect.


For each NIC, select a network and adapter type from the drop-down menus.


(Optional) Click Connect at Power On to connect the NIC when the virtual machine is powered on.


Click Next.

The SCSI Controller page opens.

Select a SCSI Controller for the virtual machine.