The Add to Analysis dialog box enables you to find systems in your environment and add them for analysis, to manually search for physical systems, or to select systems from the list of systems found in active domains. You can select systems and add them for analysis.

You can add systems manually by entering a computer name, IP address or range of IP addresses, or file name. Alternatively, you can select a domain - it must be active - and select systems found within that domain. You can analyze up to 100 systems simultaneously.


After adding a system for analysis, it can take up to one hour before the status of the newly added system changes from Collecting System Information to Analyzing.


In the Analysis tab, click Add to Analysis.


Specify the systems you want to analyze.



Manually specify the computers

Provide computer names, IP addresses, a range of IP addresses, or path to a file that contains the computer names or IP addresses of the systems you want according to the following rules:

Separate multiple computer names, or IP address, with a comma.

Multiple IP ranges are not permitted.

If you chose to use a file, each computer name or IP address must be on a separate line in the file. The file must be accessible to the vSphere Client.

Select the computers by domains

Select the systems you want to analyze.


Click Add to Analysis.


Select whether you want to use the configured default credentials, or whether you want to supply a different set of credentials.

If you chose to override the default credentials, ensure that you enter a domain-qualified user name (for example, DOMAIN\username) and password.


Click OK.