By default, a vCenter Server creates a maximum of 10 simultaneous database connections. If you configure this setting in the previous version of vCenter Server and then perform the upgrade to vCenter Server 4.1, the upgrade restores the default setting of 10. You can reconfigure the nondefault setting.

You do not need to change this value. You might want to increase this number if the vCenter Server frequently performs many operations and performance is critical. You might want to decrease this number if the database is shared and connections to the database are costly. VMware recommends that you not change this value unless your system has one of these problems.

Perform this task before you configure the authentication for your database. For more information on configuring authentication, see the documentation for your database.


From a vSphere Client host that is connected to a vCenter Server system, select Administration > vCenter Server Configuration and click Database.


In the Current vCenter Server menu, select the appropriate server.


In Maximum number, type the number.


Restart the vCenter Server.

The new database setting takes effect.