You might not have to resignature a VMFS datastore copy. You can mount a VMFS datastore copy without changing its signature.

For example, you can maintain synchronized copies of virtual machines at a secondary site as part of a disaster recovery plan. In the event of a disaster at the primary site, you can mount the datastore copy and power on the virtual machines at the secondary site.


You can mount a VMFS datastore copy only if it does not collide with the original VMFS datastore that has the same UUID. To mount the copy, the original VMFS datastore has to be offline.

When you mount the VMFS datastore, ESX allows both reads and writes to the datastore residing on the LUN copy. The LUN copy must be writable. The datastore mounts are persistent and valid across system reboots.

Because ESX does not allow you to resignature the mounted datastore, unmount the datastore before resignaturing.