You need to determine the name of the physical NIC with which the dependent hardware iSCSI adapter is associated. You need to know the association to be able to perform the port binding correctly.


Use the vSphere CLI command to determine the name of the physical NIC, with which the iSCSI adapter is associated.

esxcli swiscsi vmnic list -d vmhba#

vmhba# is the name of the iSCSI adapter.


In the output, find the vmnic name: vmnic# line.

vmnic# is the name of the network adapter that corresponds to the iSCSI adapter.

After you determined the name of the NIC, create an iSCSI port on a vSwitch connected to the NIC. You then bind this port to the dependent hardware iSCSI adapter, so that your host can direct the iSCSI traffic through the NIC.