The DRS Recommendations page displays information about your cluster's use of DRS. Additionally, this page displays the current set of recommendations generated for optimizing resource utilization in the cluster through either migrations or power management. Only manual recommendations awaiting user confirmation appear on this list.

To view the DRS Recommendations page, click the Recommendations button on the DRS tab.

The DRS Recommendations page displays the cluster properties that appear in DRS Recommendations Page.

DRS Recommendations Page



Migration Automation Level

Automation level for DRS virtual machine migration recommendations. Fully Automated, Partially Automated, or Manual.

Power Management Automation Level

Automation level for VMware DPM recommendations. Off, Manual, or Automatic.

Migration Threshold

Priority level (or higher) of DRS recommendations to apply.

Power Management Threshold

Priority level (or higher) of VMware DPM recommendations to apply.

DRS Recommendations Information shows the information that DRS provides for each recommendation.

DRS Recommendations Information




Priority level (1-5) for the recommendation. Priority one, the highest, indicates a mandatory move because of a host entering maintenance or standby mode or affinity rule violations. Other priority ratings denote how much the recommendation would improve the cluster’s performance, from priority two (significant improvement) to priority five (slight). Prior to ESX/ESXi 4.1, recommendations received a star rating (1 to 5 stars) instead of a priority level. The higher the star rating, the more desirable the move. See the VMware knowledge base article at for information on priority level calculation.


The action recommended by DRS. What appears in this column depends on the type of recommendation.

For virtual machine migrations: the name of the virtual machine to migrate, the source host (on which the virtual machine is currently running), and the destination host (to which the virtual machine is migrated).

For host power state changes: the name of the host to power on or off.


Reason for the recommendation. why DRS recommends that you migrate the virtual machine or transition the power state of the host. Reasons can be related to any of the following.

Balance average CPU or memory loads.

Satisfy an affinity rule.

Host is entering maintenance.

Decrease power consumption.

Power off a specific host.

Increase cluster capacity.

Balance CPU or memory reservations.

Maintain unreserved capacity.

Actions that you can take from the DRS Recommendations page:

To refresh the recommendations, click Run DRS and the recommendations update. This command appears on all three DRS pages.

To apply all recommendations, click Apply Recommendations.

To apply a subset of the recommendations, select the Override DRS recommendations check box. This activates the Apply check boxes next to each recommendation. Select the check box next to each recommendation and click Apply Recommendations.

DRS recommendations are configurable only using vCenter Server. Migrations are not available when you connect the vSphere Client directly to ESX/ESXi hosts. To use the migrations function, have vCenter Server manage the host.