You can remove virtual machines from a cluster.

You can remove a virtual machine from a cluster in two ways:

When you remove a host from a cluster, all of the powered-off virtual machines that you do not migrate to other hosts are removed as well. You can remove a host only if it is in maintenance mode or disconnected. If you remove a host from a DRS cluster, the cluster can become yellow because it is overcommitted.

You can migrate a virtual machine from a cluster to a standalone host or from a cluster to another cluster using the Migrate Virtual Machine wizard. To start this wizard either drag the virtual machine object on top of the cluster object or right-click the virtual machine name and select Migrate.

If the virtual machine is a member of a DRS cluster rules group, vCenter Server displays a warning before it allows the migration to proceed. The warning indicates that dependent virtual machines are not migrated automatically. You have to acknowledge the warning before migration can proceed.