This procedure example demonstrates how you can create a resource pool with the ESX/ESXi host as the parent resource.

Assume that you have an ESX/ESXi host that provides 6GHz of CPU and 3GB of memory that must be shared between your marketing and QA departments. You also want to share the resources unevenly, giving one department (QA) a higher priority. This can be accomplished by creating a resource pool for each department and using the Shares attribute to prioritize the allocation of resources.

The example procedure demonstrates how to create a resource pool, with the ESX/ESXi host as the parent resource.


In the Create Resource Pool dialog box, type a name for the QA department’s resource pool (for example, RP-QA).


Specify Shares of High for the CPU and memory resources of RP-QA.


Create a second resource pool, RP-Marketing.

Leave Shares at Normal for CPU and memory.


Click OK to exit.

If there is resource contention, RP-QA receives 4GHz and 2GB of memory, and RP-Marketing 2GHz and 1GB. Otherwise, they can receive more than this allotment. Those resources are then available to the virtual machines in the respective resource pools.