You can create a child resource pool of any ESX/ESXi host, resource pool, or DRS cluster.


If a host has been added to a cluster, you cannot create child resource pools of that host. You can create child resource pools of the cluster if the cluster is enabled for DRS.

When you create a child resource pool, you are prompted for resource pool attribute information. The system uses admission control to make sure you cannot allocate resources that are not available.


Select the intended parent and select File > New > Resource Pool (or click New Resource Pool in the Commands panel of the Summary tab).


In the Create Resource Pool dialog box, provide the required information for your resource pool.


After you have made all selections, click OK.

vCenter Server creates the resource pool and displays it in the inventory panel. A yellow triangle appears if any of the selected values are not legal values because of limitations on total available CPU and memory.

After a resource pool has been created, you can add virtual machines to it. A virtual machine’s shares are relative to other virtual machines (or resource pools) with the same parent resource pool.