If you plan to use an Oracle database when you install vCenter Server, you must configure the database user.

You can configure an Oracle database for vCenter Server either locally on the same Microsoft Windows machine as vCenter Server or remotely on a network-connected Linux, UNIX or Microsoft Windows host.

Review the software requirements for vCenter Server with Oracle.


Log in to a SQL*Plus session with the system account.


Run the following SQL command to create a vCenter Server database user with the correct permissions.

The script is located in the vCenter Server installation package /<installation directory>/vpx/dbschema/DB_and_schema_creation_scripts_oracle.txt file.

In this example, the user name is VPXADMIN.

grant connect to VPXADMIN;
grant resource to VPXADMIN;
grant create view to VPXADMIN;
grant create sequence to VPXADMIN;
grant create table to VPXADMIN;
grant create materialized view to VPXADMIN;
grant execute on dbms_lock to VPXADMIN;
grant execute on dbms_job to VPXADMIN;
grant unlimited tablespace to VPXADMIN;

By default, the RESOURCE role has the CREATE PROCEDURE, CREATE TABLE, and CREATE SEQUENCE privileges assigned. If the RESOURCE role does not have these privileges, explicitly grant them to the vCenter Server database user.

You now have an Oracle database user that you can reference in the vCenter Server installer.

Create the Oracle database, including all necessary table spaces and privileges.