The vihostupdate command upgrades ESX/ESXi hosts and installs and updates ESX/ESXi extensions such as VMkernel modules, drivers, and CIM providers.

You must have the vSphere CLI installed to use the vihostupdate command.


The esxupdate utility is also supported for upgrades to ESX 4.1. It is for ESX only.

The vihostupdate command works with bulletins. Each bulletin consists of one or more vSphere bundles and addresses one or more issues.

Towards the end of a release, bulletins might include a large number of other bulletins. Bulletins are available in offline bundles in which all patches and corresponding metadata are available as two ZIP files.

vihostupdate supports https://, http://, and ftp:// downloads. You can specify the protocols in the download URL for the bundle. vihostupdate also supports local paths. To search a local depot where the vSphere CLI is installed, use /local/depot/ without the file:/// parameter.