You can see all the licenses assigned or available in your vSphere inventory using the licensing view.


From a vSphere Client session that is connected to a vCenter Server system, click Home > Licensing.


(Optional) Click Refresh.


On the licensing page, select the view.

To view the available licenses listed by product, select Product.

To view the available licenses listed by license key, select License key.

To view licenses listed by the asset (host, vCenter Server system, or solution) to which they are assigned, select Asset.

From these report views, you can right-click entities to add, assign, and remove license keys and copy license information to your clipboard.

In this example, you select the Product view in the Licensing Report window. In the Evaluation Mode list, right-click a vCenter Server instance and select Change license key. You can then assign a license key that is in the license inventory or add a new license key and assign it in a single operation.

Screen shot showing the license assignment window

If you have a license with zero assigned capacity, as seen in the Assigned column of the License Report, ask yourself the following questions:

Did I forget to assign this license key to an asset?

Did I forget to remove this license key from the inventory?

Remove the license key in the following cases:

The license key has expired.

You use the license portal to combine the capacities of multiple small-capacity license keys to create a larger-capacity license key. Then you remove the old license keys and add the new license key to the vCenter Server inventory.

You have upgraded your licenses, and you must remove the legacy licenses.