Use the license portal to get upgraded license keys, downgrade license keys, combine the capacity of multiple license keys, divide the capacity of a single license key, view the change history of your license keys, and find lost license keys.

If you have VMware Infrastructure 3 license keys and you have been provided upgrades to vSphere 4.0, use the license portal to retrieve the new license keys and deactivate the old licenses. After you retrieve the license keys, enter them into the vCenter Server license inventory.

If you have vSphere 4.0 license keys but you need to license VMware Infrastructure 3 assets, use the license portal to downgrade the license keys. When you do this, your vSphere 4.0 license keys remain valid. When you are ready to upgrade your assets, you can stop using the VMware Infrastructure licenses and start using the vSphere 4.0 license keys by entering them into the vCenter Server license inventory and assigning them to your upgraded assets.

If your license inventory contains multiple license keys, each with a small amount of capacity, you might want to combine them into one large-capacity license key. This is useful when the total available capacity across license keys is large enough to accommodate an asset, but no single license key is large enough to accommodate the asset.

After you use the license portal to combine license keys, you must add the new license key to the vCenter Server license inventory and remove the old license keys.

If you have a large-capacity license key, you might want to divide the capacity to create multiple smaller-capacity license keys. This is useful for managing license keys in different vCenter Server inventories or assigning different license keys to groups in your organization.

The license portal tracks the complete history of license key upgrades, downgrades, combinations, and divisions for your organization.

If a license key is misplaced, you can search for it in the license portal using the following criteria:

Date range

License key

Order number

Transaction type