The media depot is a network-accessible location that contains the ESX installation media. You can use HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, or NFS to access the depot. The depot must be populated with the entire contents of the ESX installation DVD, preserving directory structure.

If you are performing a scripted installation, you must point to the media depot in the script by including the install command with the nfs or url option.

The following code snippet from an ESX installation script demonstrates how to format the pointer to the media depot if you are using NFS:

install nfs --dir=/nfs3/VMware/ESX/40

If you are performing an interactive installation instead of a scripted installation, include the askmedia boot option, which causes the installer to prompt you for the location of the media.

You can type the askmedia option at the end of the boot options list. For example:

Boot Options initrd=initrd.img vmkopts=debugLogToSerial:1 mem=512M askmedia

The boot options list appears when you boot the installer and press F2.