Make sure that the vSphere Client hardware meets the minimum requirements.


Processor – 500MHz or faster Intel or AMD processor (1GHz recommended)

Memory – 1GB RAM

Disk Storage – 1.5GB free disk space for a complete installation, which includes the following components:

Microsoft .NET 2.0

Microsoft .NET 3.0 SP1

Microsoft Visual J#

Remove any previously installed versions of Microsoft Visual J# on the system where you are installing the vSphere Client.

vSphere Client 4.1

If you do not have any of these components already installed, you must have 400MB free on the drive that has the %temp% directory.

If you have all of the components already installed, 300MB of free space is required on the drive that has the %temp% directory, and 450MB is required for vSphere Client 4.1.

Networking – Gigabit connection recommended