VMware provides preconfigured alarms for the vCenter Server system that trigger automatically when problems are detected. You only need to set up actions for these alarms. Some alarms are "stateless". vCenter Server does not keep data on stateless alarms and neither computes nor displays their status. Stateless alarms cannot be acknowledged or reset.

Default VMware Alarms lists the preconfigured alarms available for the vCenter Server system. An asterisk indicates a stateless alarm.

Default VMware Alarms

Alarm Name


Cannot Connect to Network

Monitors network connectivity on a vSwitch.

Cannot Connect to Storage*

Monitors host or network connectivity to a storage device.

Cluster High Availability Error*

Monitors high availability errors on a cluster.

Datastore Usage On Disk

Monitors datastore disk usage.


This alarm controls the Status value for datastores in vSphere Client. If you disable this alarm, the datastore status will be displayed as Unknown.

Exit Standby Error*

Monitors whether a host cannot exit standby mode.

Health Status Changed*

Monitors changes to service and extension health status.

Health Status Monitoring

Monitors changes in the overall health status of vCenter Server components.

Host Baseboard Management Controller Status

Monitors the status of the Baseboard Management Controller.

Host Battery Status

Monitors host batteries.

Host Connection and Power State

Monitors host connection and power state.

Host Connection Failure*

Monitors host connection failures.

Host CPU Usage

Monitors host CPU usage.

Host Error*

Monitors host error and warning events.

Host Hardware Fan Status

Monitors host fans.

Host Hardware Power Status

Monitors host power.

Host Hardware System Board Status

Monitors host system boards.

Host Hardware Temperature Status

Monitors host temperature.

Host Hardware Voltage

Monitors host voltage.

Host IPMI System Event Log Status

Monitors the capacity of the IPMI System Event Log.

Host Memory Status

Monitors host memory.

Host Memory Usage

Monitors host memory usage.

Host Processor Status

Monitors host processors.

Host Service Console SwapIn Rate

Monitors host service console memory swapin rate.

Host Service Console SwapOut Rate

Monitors host service console memory swapout rate.

Host Status for Hardware Objects

Monitors the status of host hardware objects.

Host Storage Status

Monitors host connectivity to storage devices.

License Error*

Monitors license errors.

License Inventory Monitoring

Monitors the license inventory for compliance.

License User Threshold Monitoring

Monitors the license inventory for compliance.

Migration Error*

Monitors whether a virtual machine cannot migrate or relocate, or is orphaned.

Network Connectivity Lost

Monitors network connectivity on a virtual switch.

Network Uplink Redundancy Degraded*

Monitors network uplink redundancy degradation on a virtual switch.

Network Uplink Redundancy Lost

Monitors network uplink redundancy on a virtual switch.

Non-Compatible Host For Secondary Virtual Machine

Monitors whether there are no compatible hosts available to place a secondary virtual machine.

Non-vSphere Workload Detected on the Datastore

Monitors non-vSphere workloads on a datastore.

Timed Out Starting Secondary Virtual Machine*

Monitors timeouts when starting a Secondary virtual machine.

Virtual Machine CPU Usage

Monitors virtual machine CPU usage.

Virtual machine disk commands canceled

Monitors the number of virtual machine disk commands that are canceled.

Virtual Machine Error*

Monitors virtual machine error and warning events.

Virtual Machine Fault Tolerance State Changed

Monitors changes in fault tolerance state of a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Fault Tolerance vLockStep Interval Status Changed

Monitors changes in the Fault Tolerance Secondary vLockStep interval.

Virtual Machine High Availability Error*

Monitors high availability errors on a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Memory Usage

Monitors virtual machine memory usage.

Virtual Machine Total Disk Latency

Monitors virtual machine total disk latency.

Virtual Machine Kernel NIC Not Configured Correctly*

Monitors incorrectly configured VMKernel NICs