You might need the ESX/ESXi system log files to resolve technical issues.

ESX/ESXi System Logs lists log files associated with ESX systems.

ESX/ESXi System Logs



ESX Server 2.x Service log


ESX Server 3.x or ESX Service log


vSphere Client Agent log


Virtual Machine Kernel Core file




These files are present after you reboot your machine.

Syslog log


Service Console Availability report (ESX only)


VMkernel Messages (ESX only)


VMkernel Alerts and Availability report (ESX only)


VMkernel Warning (ESX only)


Virtual Machine log file

vmware.log in the same directory as the .vmx file for the virtual machine

Virtual Machine Configuration file

virtual_machine_name/virtual_machine_name.vmx located on a datastore associated with the managed host. Used the virtual machine summary page in the vSphere Client to determine the datastore on which this file is located.