You can export all or part of the events log file when the vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system.

Required Privilege: Read-only


Select File > Export > Export Events.


If your vSphere environment has multiple vCenter Servers, in thevCenter Server list, select the server where the events occurred.


In File name, type a name for the event file.


If you do not specify a file extension, the file is saved as a text file.


In Events, specify the event attributes on which to filter.


In Type, select User or System.


If you selected User, select a user option.

All users

These users

To specify a subset of users, click Search and specify the users to include.


In Severity, select the event level: Error, Info, or Warning.


In Time, specify the time range during which the events to export occurred.

To specify an hour, day, week, or month time period, select Last and set the number and time increment.

To specify a calendar time span, select From and set the from and to dates.


In Limits, set the number of events to export.

Select All matching events.

Select most recent matching events and enter the number.


Click OK.

vCenter Server creates the file in the specified location. The file contains the Type, Time, and Description of the events.