In the Alarm Settings dialog box, use the Reporting tab to define a tolerance range and trigger frequency for condition or state triggers. Reporting further restricts when the trigger occurs.


If necessary, display the Reporting tab of the Alarm Settings dialog box.


Display the object in the Inventory panel.


Select the object and press Ctrl-M to open the Alarm Settings dialog box.


Click the Reporting tab.


Enter a Tolerance.

A 0 value triggers and clears the alarm at the threshold point you configured. A non-zero value triggers the alarm only after the condition reaches an additional percentage above or below the threshold point.

Condition threshold + Reporting Tolerance = trigger alarm

Tolerance values ensure you do not transition alarm states based on false changes in a condition.


Select a Frequency.

The frequency sets the time period during which a triggered alarm is not reported again. When the time period has elapsed, the alarm will report again if the condition or state is still true.


Click OK.