You view alarms that have been triggered on objects and those that have been defined on objects in the vSphere Client Alarms tab.

The Alarms tab is available only when the vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system. It has two views, Triggered Alarms and Definitions.

Triggered Alarms

Lists the alarms triggered on the selected object, including the status of the alarm, the date and time it was last triggered, and if the alarm was acknowledged.


Lists the alarms associated with the selected object, including the alarm description and the object on which the alarm was defined.

There vSphere Client offers several different options for viewing alarms.

The vSphere Client Alarms tab contains a list of alarms definitions for the object selected in the inventory.

You view triggered alarms on an object on the object’s Alarms tab.

You view triggered alarms in the Alarms tab of the Status bar.