The SNMP agent included with vCenter Server can be used to send traps when alarms are triggered on a vCenter Server. The default hardware health alarms send SNMP traps by default.

When an SNMP trap notification occurs, only one trap is triggered and one notification is sent. SNMP Trap Notification Details describes the trap information provided in the body of an SNMP notification.

SNMP Trap Notification Details

Trap Entry



The state vCenter Server is monitoring for the alarm. Options include Host Processor (or CPU) usage, Host Memory usage, Host State, Virtual Machine Processor (or CPU) usage, Virtual Machine Memory usage, Virtual Machine State, Virtual Machine Heartbeat.


The name of the host or virtual machine that triggers the alarm.

Old Status

The alarm status before the alarm was triggered.

New Status

The alarm status when the alarm is triggered.

Object Value

The object value when the alarm is triggered.


To use SNMP with vCenter Server, you must configure SNMP settings using the vSphere Client.