Event triggers monitor events that occur in response to actions related to managed objects, the vCenter Server system, and the License Server.

Event triggers use arguments, operators, and values to monitor operations that occur in the vServer System. Because the occurrance of the event gives you information about the operation occurring in your environment, you usually will not need to configure arguments for them. However, some events are general and configuration might be required to set the alarm on the desired information. For example, the Hardware Health Changed event occurs for a variety of different subsystems on a host.The preconfigured datacenter alarm Host Hardware Fan Health uses the Hardware Health Changed event with the following two arguments to set a warning condition when a fan is not operating:

Example – Event Arguments, Operators, and Values





equal to



equal to



Due to the large number of events tracked by vCenter Server, the event table for each object does not contain definitive lists of events. Instead, it provides a subset of the events available for alarm triggers.