You can set a threshold on the current license usage for a product. If the threshold is exceeded, an alarm is triggered on the corresponding vCenter Server instance. License usage thresholds allow administrators to monitor license usage for certain products and trigger notifications if a certain usage is exceeded.

Thresholds apply only to assets with per-virtual machine licensing. Thresholds can be set below or above the purchased license capacity. Thresholds are used for notifications only. Thresholds do not enforce license usage limits.

Verify that you have the Global.Licenses privilege.


(Optional) In the Licensing Reporting Manager, select a vCenter Server instance.

By default, the vCenter Server instance you are connected to is selected. Threshold information can be edited for one vCenter Server instance at a time.


Click Edit in the threshold column for a product.


Enter a number of virtual machines for the threshold.

Click Clear to remove the currently set threshold.


Click OK.

An alarm triggers on the associated vCenter Server and a notification message appears in the Licensing Reporting Manager if the threshold is exceeded. However, no enforcement is made on further use of the product.


It might take several minutes for the notifications to appear after a threshold is exceeded.