You can download the licensing report from the Licensing Reporting Manager to CSV format. You can export the licensing information that appears in the Licensing Reporting Manager to a CSV file contained in a generated ZIP file.


The licensing information listed in the Licensing Reporting Manager is protected in the vCenter Server database by a tamper-detection feature. If the licensing data in the vCenter Server database has been edited, you cannot download the licensing report.

Verify that you have the Global.Licenses privilege.


In the vSphere Client, select Home > Administration > Licensing Reporting Manager.


Select the vCenter Server or the Linked Mode group in the vCenter Servers list for which you want to view licensing information.


Select the time period for the licensing report using the Time period drop-down list.


Click Download report.


(Optional) To view the report, click Open.

The default file compression application for the system displays the contents of the .zip file containing the report in CSV format. Double-click the CSV file to view the report. Typically, Microsoft Excel is the default application for CSV files.


Click Save and browse to the location where you want to save the file.