ESX/ESXi supports a variety of SAN storage systems in different configurations. Generally, VMware tests ESX/ESXi with supported storage systems for basic connectivity, HBA failover, and so on.

Not all storage devices are certified for all features and capabilities of ESX/ESXi, and vendors might have specific positions of support with regard to ESX/ESXi.

VMware tests ESX/ESXi with storage systems in the following configurations:

Basic Connectivity

Tests whether ESX/ESXi can recognize and operate with the storage system. This configuration does not allow for multipathing or any type of failover.

iSCSI Failover

The server is equipped with multiple iSCSI HBAs or NICs. The server is robust to HBA or NIC failure.

Storage Port Failover

The server is attached to multiple storage ports and is robust to storage port failures and switch failures.

Booting from a SAN (with ESX hosts only)

The ESX host boots from a LUN configured on the SAN rather than from the server itself.