When setting up your EqualLogic storage systems to work in an ESX/ESXi implementation, you must address certain specific issues.

The following are specific requirements for EqualLogic storage systems to work with ESX/ESXi:

Multipathing. No special setup is needed because EqualLogic storage systems support storage-processor failover that is transparent to iSCSI. Multiple iSCSI HBAs or NICs can connect to the same target or LUN on the storage side.

Creating iSCSI LUNs. From the EqualLogic web portal, right-click Volumes, and then select Create Volume.

Enable ARP redirection for ESX/ESXi hardware iSCSI HBAs.

EqualLogic storage systems impose a maximum limit of 512 iSCSI connections per storage pool and 2048 connections per storage group.

For more information about configuring and using EqualLogic storage systems, see the vendor’s documentation.