In the vSphere Client, you can display storage adapters that your host uses and review their information.

When you list all available adapters, you can see their models, types, such as Fibre Channel, Parallel SCSI, or iSCSI, and, if available, their unique identifiers.

As unique identifiers, iSCSI adapters use iSCSI names.

When you display details for each iSCSI adapter, you see the following information. Software iSCSI and dependent hardware iSCSI adapters need to be configured or enabled before you can view their information.

Storage Adapter Information

Adapter Information



Model of the adapter.

iSCSI Name

A unique name formed according to iSCSI standards that identifies the iSCSI adapter.

iSCSI Alias

A friendly name used instead of the iSCSI name.

IP Address (independent hardware iSCSI)

An address assigned to the iSCSI adapter.

Connected Targets

Number of targets accessed through the adapter.


All storage devices or LUNs the adapter can access.


All paths the adapter uses to access storage devices.