Use the vSphere CLI to verify the hardware acceleration support status of a particular storage device. This command also helps to determine which VAAI filter is attached to the device.

Run the esxcli corestorage device list --d device_ID command.

The output shows the hardware acceleration, or VAAI, status that can be unknown, supported, or unsupported. If the device supports the hardware acceleration, the output also lists the VAAI filter attached to the device.

# esxcli corestorage device list --d naa.60a98000572d43595a4a52644473374c
 Display Name: NETAPP Fibre Channel Disk(naa.60a98000572d43595a4a52644473374c)
 Size: 20480
 Device Type: Direct-Access
 Multipath Plugin: NMP
 Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.60a98000572d43595a4a52644473374c
 Vendor: NETAPP
 Model: LUN
 Revision: 8000
 SCSI Level: 4
 Is Pseudo: false
 Status: on
 Is RDM Capable: true
 Is Local: false
 Is Removable: false
 Attached Filters: VAAI_FILTER
 VAAI Status: supported
 Other UIDs: vml.020003000060a98000572d43595a4a52644473374c4c554e202020