A clone is a copy plus customization of a virtual machine. When you create a clone, vCenter Server provides an option to customize the guest operating system of that virtual machine.

You can place the new clone on any host within any datacenter.


Start the vSphere Client and log in to the vCenter Server system.


From the Home page, click VMs and Templates.


Expand the inventory as needed, and click the source virtual machine.


Power off the virtual machine.


Right-click the virtual machine and select Clone.

The Clone Virtual Machine wizard appears.


Enter a virtual machine name, select a location, and click Next.


Select a host or cluster on which to run the clone, and click Next.


If you select a cluster, you must select a specific host within the cluster, and click Next.


Select a resource pool in which to run the clone, and click Next.


Select the datastore location where you want to store the virtual machine files, and click Next.


Click Advanced for more options, and click Next.

The Select Guest Customization Option page appears. You can choose to customize the guest operating system using the wizard or using an existing customization specification. You can also choose not to customize.


Select the appropriate button, and click Next.


Review your selections, and click Finish.

On the Ready to Complete New Virtual Machine page, you can select the check box to power on the new virtual machine after creation. After you click Finish, you cannot use or edit the virtual machine until the task completes. If the task involves the creation of a virtual disk, it could take several minutes to complete.