VMware provides preconfigured alarms that trigger when events occur on virtual machines.

Virtual Machine Event Triggers lists events you can use to trigger alarms on virtual machines.

Virtual Machine Event Triggers

Event Category

Available Events


Customization started, Customization succeeded, Cannot complete Sysprep, Unknown error.


VM created, VM auto renamed, VM being closed, VM being creating, VM deploying, VM emigrating, VM hot migrating, VM migrating, VM reconfigured, VM registered, VM removed, VM renamed, VM relocating, VM upgrading.

Cannot complete clone, Cannot migrate, Cannot relocate, Cannot upgrade.


DRS VM migrated, VM powered on, No maintenance mode DRS recommendation.

Fault tolerance

Secondary VM added, Secondary VM disabled, Secondary VM enabled, Secondary VM started.

vCenter cannot start secondary VM, vCenter cannot update secondary VM configuration, vCenter disabled fault tolerance.

Fault tolerance state changed, Fault tolerance turned off, Fault tolerance VM deleted.

No compatible host for secondary VM.

Reached maximum Secondary VM (with FT turned On) restart count.

General messages and information

VM error, VM error message, VM information, VM information message, VM warning, VM warning message, VM migration error, VM migration warning, VM configuration missing.


HA enabled VM reset, No HA enabled port groups, Cannot resent HA enabled VM, VM HA updated error.

Naming and IDs

UUID: Assigned, Changed, Conflict. Assign a new instance, Instance changed, Instance conflict.

MAC: Assigned, Changed, Conflict. VM static MAC conflict.

WWN: Assigned, Changed, Conflict.

Power and connection states

VM connected, VM disconnected, VM discovered, VM powered off, VM powered on, VM starting, VM stopping, VM suspended, VM restarted on alternate host, VM resuming.

Guest reboot, guest shutdown, guest standby.

Cannot power off, Cannot power on, Cannot reboot guest OS, Cannot reset, Cannot shut down the guest OS, Cannot standby guest OS, Cannot suspend.

Remote console connected, Remote console disconnected.

Record, Replay

Start a recording session, Start a replay session.

Resource Pool

Resource pool moved, Resource pool relocated.