VMware provides preconfigured alarms that trigger when events occur on hosts.

Host Event Triggers lists events you can use to trigger alarms on hosts.

Host Event Triggers

Event Category

Available Events


Account created, Account removed, Account updated.

Access and security

Administrator access disabled, Administrator access enabled.

Administrator password not changed. VIM account password changed.

License expired, No license.

Connection and mode

Host connected, Host disconnected.

Host entered maintenance mode, Host exited maintenance mode, Host entering standby mode, Host exiting standby mode.

Cannot connect host, cannot get host short name, Host already managed, Incorrect Ccagent, Incorrect user name, Incompatible version, Ccagent upgrade, Network error, No access.

Connection lost, Cannot reconnect host, Host connection failure, Network connectivity lost, Network uplink redundancy degraded, Network uplink redundancy lost, Cannot connect to storage.


DRS entering standby mode, DRS exited standby mode, DRS exiting standby mode. Cannot complete DRS resource configuration, Resource configuration synchronized.


Distributed Virtual Switch joined the port group, Distributed Virtual Switch left the port group, Distributed Virtual Switch does not exist in vCenter or does not contain this host.

General error information

Host error, Host information, Host warning.


Host HA agent disabled, HA agent enabled, Disabling HA, Enabling HA agent, HA agent error, HA agent configured.

Host has extra HA networks, Host has no available HA networks, Host is missing HA networks, No redundant management network for host, No HA enabled port groups.

Hardware health

Hardware health changed


Host added, Host not in cluster. No datastores configured.

IP address

Host IP changed, IP inconsistent, IP to short name not completed, Cannot get short host name, Short name to IP not completed, Duplicate IP detected.

vCenter Agent

Cannot complete vCenter Agent, Cannot uninstall vCenter Agent.