VMware provides preconfigured alarms that trigger when events occur on datacenters.

Datacenter Event Triggers lists events you can use to set alarms on datacenters.

Datacenter Event Triggers

Event Category

Available Events


Alarm created, reconfigured, removed. Alarm email sent, email send failed. Alarm script completed, script not completed. Alarm SNMP trap sent, SNMP trap not completed. Alarm status changed.

Authentication, Permissions, and Roles

Already authenticated. Permission added, removed, updated. Profile created, removed. Role added, created, removed.

Custom Fields

Custom field definition added, removed, renamed. Custom field value changed. cannot complete customization network setup.


Customization Linux identity failed, network setup failed.


Datacenter created, renamed.


Datastore renamed, datastore renamed on host.


DRS invocation not completed, DRS recovered from failure.


vNetwork Distributed Switch merged, renamed, configuration on some hosts differed from that of the vCenter Server.

HA and DRS

HA agent found, DRS invocation not completed, DRS recovered from failure.


Host add failed, inventory full, short name inconsistent, cannot add host.


License added, assigned, expired, insufficient, removed, unassigned. License server available, unavailable. Unlicensed virtual machines, all virtual machines licensed.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled task created, completed, cannot complete, email sent, email not sent, reconfigured, removed, started.


Upgrading template, template upgraded, cannot upgrade template.

User Operations

User assigned to group, removed from group, login, logout, upgrade.

Virtual Machines

VM cloned, created, relocated, upgraded.


Server license expired, session started, session stopped.