VMware provides command-line parameters that function as a substitute for the default alarm environment variables. You can use these parameters when running a script as an alarm action for a condition, state, or event alarm.

The command-line parameters enable you to pass alarm information without having to change an alarm script. For example, use these parameters when you have an external program for which you do not have the source. You can pass in the necessary data by using the substitution parameters, which take precedence over the environment variables. You pass the parameters through the vSphere Client Alarm Actions Configuration dialog box or on a command line.

Command-Line Parameters for Alarm Action Scripts lists the command-line substitution parameters for scripts that run as alarm actions.

Command-Line Parameters for Alarm Action Scripts




Text of the alarmStatusChange event. The {eventDescription} variable is supported only for Condition and State alarms.


Name of the entity on which the alarm is triggered.


Name of the alarm that is triggered.


Summary info of the alarm trigger values.


Summary info of the alarm declaration values.


Alarm status before the alarm is triggered.


Alarm status after the alarm is triggered.


Inventory object on which the alarm is set.