Use a physical floppy drive or a floppy image to add a floppy drive to a virtual machine.


Start the Add Hardware wizard.


Select Floppy Drive, and click Next.


Select the type of floppy media to use:

A physical floppy drive to give the guest access to the floppy on the host.

A floppy image, which is a file on the host that stores data in the same format as a physical floppy disk.

A blank floppy image to create and use a blank floppy image.


Click Next.


Specify the location of the floppy drive or image.

If you selected Use a physical floppy drive, select either client or host as the device location and select the drive from the drop-down menu.

If you selected Use a floppy image, browse to the floppy image.

If you selected Create a blank floppy image, browse to the floppy image.


To have the floppy drive connected to the virtual machine when you power it on, select Connect at power on.


Click Next.


Review the information on the Ready to Complete page, and click Finish.