The Advanced Memory Resources page lets you set low-level options that involve distribution of virtual machine memory to NUMA memory nodes.

This page appears only if the host utilizes the NUMA memory architecture. Because affinity settings are meaningful only when used to tweak the performance of a specific set of virtual machines on one host, this page also is not displayed when the virtual machine resides on a DRS cluster. The option values are cleared when the virtual machine is moved to a new host.

NUMA memory node affinity enables fine-grained control over how virtual machine memory is distributed to host physical memory. Checking all the boxes is the same as applying no affinity.

Consult the Resource Management Guide for details about NUMA and advanced memory resources.


Specify nodes to be used for future memory allocations only if you have also specified CPU affinity. If you make manual changes only to the memory affinity settings, automatic NUMA rebalancing does not work properly.