The Advanced CPU Resources panel of the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box lets you set low-level options that involve scheduling the virtual machine processing to physical processor cores and hyperthreads.

This panel does not appear for virtual machines in a DRS cluster or when the host has only one processor core and no hyperthreading.


Hyperthreading technology allows a single physical processor to behave like two logical processors. The processor can run two independent applications at the same time. While hyperthreading does not double the performance of a system, it can increase performance by better utilizing idle resources. For detailed information about hyperthreading and its use in vSphere, see the Resource Management Guide (select Help > Manuals).

ESX generally manages processor scheduling well, even when hyperthreading is enabled. The settings on this page are useful only for fine-grained tweaking of critical virtual machines.

The Hyperthreading Sharing option provides detailed control over whether a virtual machine should be scheduled to share a physical processor core (assuming hyperthreading is enabled on the host at all).

The Scheduling Affinity option allows fine-grained control over how virtual machine CPUs are distributed across the host's physical cores (and hyperthreads if hyperthreading is enabled).