You can permanently remove a snapshot from vCenter Server.


Select Inventory > Virtual Machine > Snapshot > Snapshot Manager.


In the Snapshot Manager, select a snapshot by clicking it.


Click Delete to permanently remove a snapshot from vCenter Server.

Clicking Delete All permanently removes all snapshots from the virtual machine.


Delete commits the snapshot data to the parent and removes the selected snapshot. Delete All commits all the immediate snapshots before the You are here current state to the base disk and removes all existing snapshots for that virtual machine. When using the Delete All option in Snapshot Manager, the snapshot farthest from the base disk is committed to its parent, causing that parent snapshot to grow. When that commit is complete, that snapshot is removed and the process starts over on the newly updated snapshot to its parent. This continues until every snapshot has been committed. This method can be relatively slow since data farthest from the base disk might be copied several times. More importantly, this method can aggressively use disk space if the snapshots are large, which is especially problematic if a limited amount of space is available on the datastore. The space issue is troublesome in that you might chose to delete snapshots explicitly to free up storage. This issue is resolved in ESX 4.0 Update 2 in that the order of snapshot consolidation has been modified to start with the snapshot closest to the base disk instead of farthest. The end result is that copying data repeatedly is avoided.


Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.