The Snapshot Manager lets you review all snapshots for the active virtual machine and act on them directly.

The Snapshot Manager window contains the following areas: Snapshot tree, Details region, Command buttons, Navigation region, and a You are here icon.

Snapshot tree – Displays all snapshots for the virtual machine.

You are here icon – Represents the current operational state of the virtual machine. The You are here icon is always selected and visible when you open the Snapshot Manager.

You cannot go to or select the You are here state. You are here always represents the current and active state.

Command Buttons – The Snapshot Manager has three command buttons in the left pane: Go to, Delete, and Delete All.

Details – Displays the name and description of the selected snapshot. These fields are blank if you have not selected a snapshot.

Navigation Region – Contains buttons for navigating out of the dialog box:

Close – Closes the Snapshot Manager.

Help – Opens the help system.