The vSphere Client is a graphical user interface to vCenter Server and to hosts.

A login screen appears when you start the vSphere Client. After you log in, the client displays the objects and functionality appropriate to the server you are accessing and the permissions available to the user you logged in as.


Log in to your Windows system.

If this is the first time you are starting the vSphere Client, log in as the administrator:

If the managed host is not a domain controller, log in as either <local host name>\<user> or <user>, where <user> is a member of the local Administrators group.

If the managed host is a domain controller, you must log in as <domain>\<user>, where <domain> is the domain name for which the managed host is a controller and <user>is a member of that domain’s Domain Administrators group. VMware does not recommend running on a domain controller .


Double-click a shortcut or select the vSphere Client from Start > Programs > VMware > vSphere Client.


Enter the host name or IP address of a vCenter Server system or ESX/ESXi host, depending on what you want to access.

If you are logging in to a vCenter Server system that is part of a Connected Group, logging in to that server connects you to all servers in that group.


Only previously entered server names appear in the Server

drop-down menu.


Enter a user name and password.

If you are logging in to a vCenter Server system, enter an appropriate Windows Active Directory user name and password.


To automatically log in with your current Windows Active Directory credentials, you can select the Use Windows session credentialscheck box. If the vSphere Client gets disconnected from the vCenter Server, you are automatically logged in after reconnection if you have selected this check box.

If you are logging in to an ESX host for the first time, enter the user name root and the password that you provided during ESX installation.

If you are logging in to an ESXi host for the first time, enter the user name rootand leave the Password field blank.


Click Login to continue.

You are now connected to the host or vCenter Server system.